My magical daughter

1 min read

No sooner had I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows tonight than I received this photo of my youngest daughter being magical. She picked up her flying skill in a digital photography class; this was today’s project.

3.9 out of 5 stars

2 min read

That’s how my latest Editor & Publisher Online column is rated by 11 reviewers (as I write this) on Newstrust. The column is about the larger issue of the proliferation of alternative news sources online (blogs, grassroots media, et al), and the lack of any competent guidance in telling consumers whether those sources are credible…

Looking for the anti-Facebook

2 min read

I like Facebook … a lot. Since it opened up to everyone (not just college students), and since it opened up to third-party applications, the site has become enormously useful. It even seems to be usurping the much more business-like social networking site LinkedIn. In the last couple weeks — through a combination of business…

Blame Harry for your unproductive employees

1 min read

I have a feeling that this week may be an unproductive one at a lot of companies. Why? Harry Potter, of course. I stopped in the camera store today to pick up something, and the sales clerk complained about being sleepy. He stayed up really, really late to read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,…

Facebook: the new LinkedIn

1 min read

Perhaps this is happening to you, too. … I’ve been getting a lot of Facebook friend notification/requests lately. I used to get lots of friend requests on LinkedIn, the business social networking site — but those have really tapered off. I still have many more “friends” on my LinkedIn account than on Facebook, but Facebook…

Why newspapers should give it away free

5 min read

In a comment to an earlier blog item, I got the following question from Larry. (I’ll answer in a new blog item, so that it’s more likely to be seen.) As the new media guy for a couple alt-weeklies and long-time reader of your columns, in response to your post here, I am coming to…

Bad news of the day

1 min read

Wow, it’s getting depressing for the newspaper industry. Scripps just announced it’s shutting down the Cincinnati Post and the Kentucky Post. My Columbia Journalism Review came in the mail the other day, and there was this article about the serious troubles of the Dallas Morning News. And of course there are the continually released reports…

Stop! Don’t unfold that paper! … Can you take it?!

2 min read

On the front page of my local paper (Boulder Daily Camera) this morning was something I’ve never seen before. This note, with a red headline: Don’t unfold the page, yet An apparent assassination attempt on our governor left one man dead in the hallway of one of the most public places in our state Monday….

Picture perfect humor

1 min read

The Redbook Faith Hill Photoshop incident is just too funny. After you finish laughing at how the retouchers turned her into a skinny younger fembot, be sure to check out the comments on the linked article (they’re half the fun).

More Backfence musings

4 min read

I’ve been away from my personal blog for quite a while, but the demise of provides a good excuse to start up again… Condolences to CEO Mark Potts (who had been trying valiantly to keep things going after the management shake-up that had co-founder and ex-CEO Susan DeFife depart the company) and the rest of…