Stephen Colbert vs. Newspaper Association of America

By Steve Outing

In case you missed it, Stephen Colbert interviewed NAA president John Sturm on Tuesday night’s Colbert Report. Enjoy!

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6 Responses to "Stephen Colbert vs. Newspaper Association of America"

  1. Schratboy
    Schratboy 8 years ago .Reply

    Sure, the print media business is in sad shape, but Colbert is a flippant douche bag.

  2. Steve Outing
    Steve Outing 8 years ago .Reply

    Schratboy: I prefer to think of Colbert as the greatest satirist of the day. Your opinion may vary. Sturm’s no dummy; he knew what he was in for when he accepted the invite. But I’m not sure what benefit Sturm thought NAA would get from appearing.

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  4. Christie
    Christie 8 years ago .Reply

    Absolutely Hilarious…Mr. Sturm couldn’t even complete the knock knock joke. Having been laid off recently from the Newspaper Industry, I agree wholeheartedly that the Newspaper Industry is in BIG DOO DOO!!! And, in addition to the economy affecting advertising, the newspaper’s disregard for the information superhighway, paved the way for a slow (and I might add, painful) death.

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  6. wotbox
    wotbox 8 years ago .Reply

    Sturm on Colbert was a fat metaphor for the newspaper industry. The “not getting it” continues. News-papers, Detroit models, Wall St hubris and Network news replicons get the Darwinian boot. Next up, Realtors and healthcare carpetbaggers.

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