Have we hit rock bottom with local news yet?

While I’m usually on top of news-industry news, I confess to not spotting this until today (thanks to Journalism That Matters‘ latest newsletter): an indicator of the plummeting quality of some (maybe many) newspapers after years of cost-cutting. Can it get much worse than this?… On November 6, 2013, the day after Election Day, the…

Carnival of Journalism

Advice for student news media: Be radically experimental!

It’s back! The Carnival of Journalism. Hip, hip, hooray! Huh?! The Carnival is a monthly online gabfest of (mostly) journalists who all agree to answer a common question, usually related to the future of journalism, on their respective blogs. It’s being resurrected by David Cohn, a.k.a. DigiDave, after a break. (There were other breaks before…

Existence promo

In David Brin’s ‘Existence,’ a sci-fi journalist relies on credible smart mobs and ubiquitous connection

If you want to have an idea of what the future (or various futures) might look like, I hope you’re a fan of science fiction. The best sci-fi novelists, including author/futurist/scientist David Brin, are adept at extrapolating possible futures based on emerging technologies, scientific discoveries, and societal trends that are just beginning to exhibit themselves…

Exponential growth

Exponential speeding up of disruption: It’s media’s challenge to deal with it

It’s fair to say that the majority of media executives, and practitioners too, have had trouble in the last decade-plus keeping up with the pace of technological advancements and the disruptions they’ve caused for media companies. It’s equally a fair bet that most of the aforementioned people expect digital-technology advances to continue, and for more…

Jetsons news future

Partners, funders, collaborators needed to bring futurists to news industry

What if the news industry had hired futurists to scan the technology and social horizons back in the late 1990s and early 2000s? Perhaps with some long-range thinking and foresight injected into news organizations’ decision-making, the industry wouldn’t be such a mess as it is today. Perhaps thousands of journalists would not have been laid…

Boulder flooding

Disaster news coverage will be much better in a few years

Boulder, Colorado, and surrounding towns were hit recently with days of record rainfall, history-making flooding, and epic damage. The destruction covered larger towns like Boulder and Longmont, and was truly horrific in mountain towns like Jamestown and Lyons. I was in the middle of this (i.e., getting rained on like everyone else), but my family’s…

Nice drone

MIT is developing yet another handy use for small drones, guided by a specially designed mobile app. … Yet more jobs that could be lost to technology: tour guides.