Final days to share your news business model!

Back in October (the last time I posted to Media Disruptus), I asked people with an interest in the future of journalism to propose new, innovative business models for the news sector. There’s still time to add your ideas! The online brainstorming tool I’m using (Tricider) will shut down our exercise shortly after the clock…

HBO Thrones games

HBO has losing game with ‘Thrones’

The headline above may give the wrong impression. Actually, I love and am seriously addicted to HBO’s Game of Thrones fantasy-drama series. That title refers to the cruel (and unfortunately still usual) way that HBO limits access to the hit TV show. But first, the show. I ignored the hubbub for the first four seasons…

Print is dying

What if? … The NY Times ended its daily print edition

Stop the presses! (For 6 days a week!) … Yes, I’m being serious. The recent New York Times “Innovation” report, a meant-to-be-internal strategy document proposing a (long-overdue) digital-first future for what is arguably the best newspaper and digital news operation on the planet, painted a depressing picture. Despite beefing up its digital business and creating…

NYT Innovation report

NY Times: Another myopic dinosaur that needs to go digital first?

You’ve likely seen the “leaked” New York Times innovation-strategy report produced by an 8-member team of NYT employees, presumably for management and internal consumption. (The unabridged version appeared on the web, initially via Buzzfeed, just as executive editor Jill Abramson was getting fired last week — perhaps not coincidentally. The report is dated March 24,…


Have we hit rock bottom with local news yet?

While I’m usually on top of news-industry news, I confess to not spotting this until today (thanks to Journalism That Matters‘ latest newsletter): an indicator of the plummeting quality of some (maybe many) newspapers after years of cost-cutting. Can it get much worse than this?… On November 6, 2013, the day after Election Day, the…

Jeff Bezos

4 things that Jeff Bezos can do with the Washington Post

Since founder (and multi-billionaire) Jeff Bezos isn’t talking specifically about what he’ll do now that he’s agreed to purchase the Washington Post and related properties for $250 million, it’s fair game for media pundits to speculate. And have they! Like everyone else, not having the opportunity to pick Bezos’ brain directly about his plans,…

Follow the leader

10, 15 free web articles a month: Is this a mistake? (Yes!)

I think it’s safe to say that what Walter Isaacson and Steven Brill started — a wave of newspaper websites putting up “metered paywalls” where there’s a subscription or membership fee required for site visitors who want to read more than X number of articles per month — has taken hold in a big way….

News box

In defense of fewer print editions

So much has been written about the New Orleans Times-Picayune cutting back to three days a week for print publication (and laying off a bunch of employees in the “digital-first” transition) that I hesitated adding to the word onslaught. But I haven’t seen many people defending the move, which results in the largest major U.S….

Don't block people with a "wall"; entice premium users in.

It’s not a ‘paywall’ when it’s ‘freemium’

The word “paywall” as applied to news websites sucks. It’s a negative word. If a consumer hears that a favorite news site is putting up a “paywall,” the response is highly likely to be: avoid! Some news-site user monetization systems truly are “paywalls.” I’m fine with saying that The Times‘ (the UK one) website has…

Can good journalist + good capitalist = possible?

This month’s Carnival of Journalism, hosted by Michael Rosenbaum, asks the provocative question: “Can a good journalist also be a good capitalist?” I’ll probably open myself up to charges of being “ageist,” but here goes… Working at a university journalism program (University of Colorado Boulder), I’ve come to the conclusion that the next generation of…

My name is Steve, and I have failed #jcarn

I don’t want to break my record of contributing to all of the resurrected Carnivals of Journalism, but this month I’m just too darned busy. However, a few years ago, I did write up the lessons I learned from a start-up company where I was one of two co-founders: the Enthusiast Group. It was published…