20 years from now

‘Online news’ 20 years from now

11 min read

I recently participated (well, sort of — via a remote Skype presentation) in the University of South Carolina’s “Journalism, Sustainability, and Media Regeneration Conference.” Its organizer, Professor Augie Grant, sent a survey to everyone who attended that opened with a couple questions that I should not answer but cannot resist: “Think about all of the…

Carnival of Journalism: My tips on (trying to) manage workflow

5 min read

I’m not the most organized person, but I do try. And thanks to some wonderful digital technologies that I’ve discovered, I’m much better at staying organized than in the past. So I do feel qualified to participate in this month’s Carnival of Journalism, where the challenge is: What are your life hacks, workflows, tips, tools,…

Overpriced 14-year-old book (mine) on eBay?!

1 min read

Queue up the “eBay Song” by Weird Al Yankovic. … An eBay oddity landed in my inbox today in the form of a Google Alert e-mail that I have set to watch for when my name turns up in articles, blogs, etc. Included was a link to this page on eBay where an online bookseller…

My College Media convention slides

1 min read

Some folks who attended my “Why now is the best time ever to go into journalism!” keynote talk at the National College Media Convention in Austin, Texas, on Friday asked how to get a copy of my presentation. A PDF version (big file!) is here.

Instant speech feedback: Get used to it

4 min read

I’m sure this will be mainstream across many professions before long, but for now it’s mostly limited to technology and media conferences. I’m talking about how speakers now get feedback from their audience as soon as they finish talking, via tweets from audience members posted immediately to Twitter. Overall, it’s a positive development that can…

My mistake points to ProPublica’s mistake

1 min read

An alert listener of Colorado Public Radio heard my interview last week on the “Colorado Matters” program, and noted that I erred in citing ProPublica, the independent investigative reporting website, as “ProPublica.com.” Well, I can’t very well fix my recorded radio voice to the correct ProPublica.org, but I’ll at least note it here. But ProPublica…

What strange ploy are magazines up to?

1 min read

I have a new, complimentary subscription to Field & Stream magazine (print edition). Why is that? Since I don’t fish or hunt, or have any interest whatsoever in reading about either, publisher Bonnier is wasting money by granting me an unasked-for 1-year subscription. I’m thinking this started with my paid subscriptions to a couple printed…

Tired legs and catching up

1 min read

Yeah, I’ve been playing hooky quite a bit lately. In the previous couple weeks I’ve mountain biked 4 days on Utah’s famed White Rim Trail, then succumbed to an invitation from a friend to drive to southwestern Colorado and ride some great trails near Cortez and Durango for 2 days. (Fellow mountain bikers: You have…

‘Digital’ media or ‘online’ media?

1 min read

A reader of one of my recent Editor & Publisher Online columns takes me to task for using “digital” rather than “online” to describe what we used to call “new media.” He prefers “online” as more accurate. Actually, I’ve shifted my word usage to “digital media” on purpose, and think I’m correct in doing so….

Personalized newspapers in space in 2259!

1 min read

Take heart, newspaper aficionados and media curmudgeons. You’ll still have the comfort of the printed newspaper as you travel in space in the year 2259! (Well, that assumes you’ll be getting cryogenically frozen and are revived in a couple centuries.) Credit my friend and colleague Christopher Ryan for spotting this look into the future. Chris…

Stop it, already! Enough with mis-use of ‘hits’!

2 min read

Increasingly of late, I’m seeing writers use the term “hits” when talking about webpage usage. I’ve lost count of how often this has assaulted my ex-copy editor eyes, but it happened again in this story. An excerpt: “Thousands of Seattlites will miss their morning ‘fish wrapper.’ But as other newspapers saw fewer web ‘hits’ after…

Do you know what year it is tomorrow? (Hint: check your copyright footer)

1 min read

I’ve lost track of how many years I’ve blogged this, but it’s still good advice… Remember to check your website or blog’s footer and change it to ©2009 tomorrow. Sure, some systems are set to do this automatically, but MANY aren’t. I’m no longer shocked to see some website in June have the previous year’s…

The positive side of the economic collapse for media

1 min read

This morning I posted a few words to my Twitter account about PC Magazine’s decision to cease print publication… My Twitter posts also get fed automatically to my Facebook account, where Tom Regan, a smart and talented journalist and media thinker I know, posted what I thought was a profound comment: “I have a feeling…

Observe and learn: multi-tasking teens

2 min read

I just got back from parents weekend at my 16-year-old daughter’s boarding school in New England. At the end of the program, the kids got kicked off campus for a couple days, so she and I traveled around the region until school reopened. It was a great opportunity to observe the media habits of a…

The Palin baby rumor and journalistic ethics

4 min read

So there’s this rumor starting to spread around the net: That GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin is not the mother of the infant Trig Palin as she claims; rather, the mother is actually her 17-year-old daughter, Bristol. It surfaced with this report on Daily Kos. (And there’s a follow-up with more “evidence.”) Andrew Sullivan has…