NYT Innovation report

NY Times: Another myopic dinosaur that needs to go digital first?

3 min read

You’ve likely seen the “leaked” New York Times innovation-strategy report produced by an 8-member team of NYT employees, presumably for management and internal consumption. (The unabridged version appeared on the web, initially via Buzzfeed, just as executive editor Jill Abramson was getting fired last week — perhaps not coincidentally. The report is dated March 24,…

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In defense of fewer print editions

8 min read

So much has been written about the New Orleans Times-Picayune cutting back to three days a week for print publication (and laying off a bunch of employees in the “digital-first” transition) that I hesitated adding to the word onslaught. But I haven’t seen many people defending the move, which results in the largest major U.S….

Ads on the Times’ front page, oh my!

2 min read

No doubt you’ve heard the “big” news that the New York Times has added an advertising spot on the front page of its print edition. Shocking, eh? The New York Post in covering the news says in a graphic accompanying its story, “New York Times Publisher Arthur ‘Pinch’ Sulzberger is smashing the paper of record’s…

Detroit goes with the Thurs-Fri-Sun print-edition model

3 min read

The speculation ended quickly enough. Detroit newspaper executives announced today their plan to (they hope) survive the industry crisis with two newspapers intact by implementing the following in spring 2009: Print the Detroit Free Press (Gannett-owned) on Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays. Print the Detroit News (MediaNews Group-owned) on Thursdays and Fridays. Paid digital-replica subscription service…

All eyes on Detroit newspapers: Don’t muff it, guys

5 min read

I’m looking forward to Tuesday, when Detroit’s newspaper executives apparently will unveil a bold new plan to save themselves. As the Wall Street Journal reports, “the leading scenario set to be unveiled calls for the Free Press, the 20th largest U.S. newspaper by weekday circulation, and the News to end home delivery on all but…

Pet peeve time: Print web links that don’t work

2 min read

Outside Magazine, January 2009 print edition. (Ah, yes, in the age of instant digital news, we still get our print magazines dated weeks in the future!) On page 25 is a nice photo and brief story about professional climber Katie Brown. (Katie was editor of my defunct company’s YourClimbing.com site that we published from 2006…

Newspaper delivery: Will it go away?

2 min read

A reader of my latest Editor & Publisher Online column (about intelligently redesigning print editions to please older print loyalists and not go after younger people) asked: “As newspaper companies redefine their strategies, will home delivery be a thing of the past? Will it be a premium service or only available through online downloads? Can…

More print redesign advice: Remember e-mail

1 min read

Jay Small, writing on his Small Initiatives blog, comments on my latest Editor & Publisher Online column about how to smartly redesign print editions of newspapers. One of the key points in my column is that newspapers need to provide MANY more refers and pointers to online and mobile content, in an effort to guide…

My prescription for saving the print edition

1 min read

Here’s my latest Editor & Publisher Online column, posted today: “Don’t Redesign the Print Edition to Ensure Failure.” It’s an opinion piece about how the wave of print-edition redesigns by the newspaper industry is largely missing the boat. Publishers need to focus on their core older audience when it comes to the print edition, and…

The new (more readable) Boston Globe

1 min read

The Boston Globe introduced a modest redesign of its print edition today. It’s nowhere near as dramatic as the recent redesigns by Tribune Co. papers, so the paper still looks like itself. Kudos to whoever wrote the redesign FAQ. Sure, there’s the predictable “we’re improving the paper for YOU!” wording, but it’s also tempered with…

Newspaper racks: Where’d they all go?

1 min read

Does anyone know about current trends in newspaper racks? I ask because on Monday I was hanging out with my daughter in the impressive and recently renovated Natick Collection (a.k.a., Natick Mall) near Boston. I wanted a copy of the Boston papers, but couldn’t spot any newspaper racks. I asked the guy stationed at the…

Prediction: How geezers will adapt to web, mobile for news

1 min read

Here’s a little prediction that’s been spinning around my head lately. I’ll release it here on my blog to leave room in there for something else. As newspapers (especially the larger metros, which face the worst declines) continue to lose staff, lose ad revenues, and in general get lower in quality, their loyal older readers…

A print redesign that really is radical (I think)

2 min read

I’m on record as not being impressed by the Orlando Sentinel print edition redesign. There’s the issue of where to put the reinvention resources, first; I believe the Sentinel should be focusing foremost on digital strategy, and not putting too much faith in a print redesign saving the company. But I also don’t think the…

Lipstick on a pig?

4 min read

This Sunday, the Orlando Sentinel will debut a significant redesign of the print edition (prompted, of course, by Tribune Co. owner Sam Zell‘s company-wide call to go crazy and reinvent newspapers). While I’m writing this in advance of seeing the actual paper, there is a nice multimedia presentation that shows what’s coming. So I’m commenting…