The Circle

How a sci-fi dystopian vision can improve the future

10 min read

Futurists deal with scenarios. With a single future for any industry or important issue impossible to predict accurately, the best way to forecast what is years or decades ahead is by working with multiple (plausible) scenarios, and going from there — say, to developing solutions to societal problems that accompany respective scenarios (of climate change,…

Carnival of Journalism

Advice for student news media: Be radically experimental!

10 min read

It’s back! The Carnival of Journalism. Hip, hip, hooray! Huh?! The Carnival is a monthly online gabfest of (mostly) journalists who all agree to answer a common question, usually related to the future of journalism, on their respective blogs. It’s being resurrected by David Cohn, a.k.a. DigiDave, after a break. (There were other breaks before…

Exponential growth

Exponential speeding up of disruption: It’s media’s challenge to deal with it

7 min read

It’s fair to say that the majority of media executives, and practitioners too, have had trouble in the last decade-plus keeping up with the pace of technological advancements and the disruptions they’ve caused for media companies. It’s equally a fair bet that most of the aforementioned people expect digital-technology advances to continue, and for more…

Nice drone

MIT is developing yet another handy use for small drones, guided by a specially designed mobile app. … Yet more jobs that could be lost to technology: tour guides.

Brain-computer interface

Mind to machine: A dream of hands-free writing

3 min read

A wonderful humor essay appeared recently in the New Yorker: “A SHORT STORY WRITTEN WITH THOUGHT-TO-TEXT TECHNOLOGY,” by Jesse Eisenberg. It’s a fun read, so check it out, then come back here. Actually, what’s fascinating about this essay is that its premise — a device or system that can transfer your thoughts to text on…

iPad as main computing device

(Probably) my last laptop

6 min read

I just bought another Macbook Pro, to replace the one that I have to give back to the University of Colorado Boulder in less than a week, since my gig working there is over. I wonder, will this be the last laptop computer I buy as my primary work machine? The answer is yes. I’m…

Carnival of Journalism deadline is Feb. 24!

1 min read

The Digital News Test Kitchen at CU-Boulder and I are hosting this month’s Carnival of Journalism, a monthly blogfest in which anyone can participate by answering the Question of the Month. I’d been wanting to play host to a Carnival, and got my wish for February, thanks to Carnival overseer David Cohn. Here’s the question:…