Keep it secret

New Secret app offers escape from our transparent society

6 min read

Privacy or transparency? Can’t we have both? … This past week brought the public debut of Secret, a new iPhone app (Android coming later) that I predict will be a hit, because it comes at a time when it’s increasingly difficult to keep secrets or have any semblance of digital privacy. And while initially it…

Money wall

Paywalls in my back yard: A forecast for newspaper business models

7 min read

It’s now been many years that I’ve been writing and opining about “paywalls” for news websites. It’s not a subject that’s going away, although living in the Boulder-Denver, Colorado, media market, I haven’t had to deal with paywalls myself. Until now. Both the Daily Camera (my local newspaper/news website in Boulder) and the nearby and…

Futurist Gray Scott

Futurist interview: Gray Scott on media-impacting future technologies

7 min read

Gray Scott is on the younger side of the futurists spectrum; most people who carve out careers as futurists tend to be older and grayer. Scott, who calls himself a “futurist and neuro-technology philosopher,” also describes himself as one of the “most controversial futurists of our time.” He’s a speaker, artist, writer, and editorial director…

Brain-computer interface

Mind to machine: A dream of hands-free writing

3 min read

A wonderful humor essay appeared recently in the New Yorker: “A SHORT STORY WRITTEN WITH THOUGHT-TO-TEXT TECHNOLOGY,” by Jesse Eisenberg. It’s a fun read, so check it out, then come back here. Actually, what’s fascinating about this essay is that its premise — a device or system that can transfer your thoughts to text on…

Jeff Bezos

4 things that Jeff Bezos can do with the Washington Post

7 min read

Since founder (and multi-billionaire) Jeff Bezos isn’t talking specifically about what he’ll do now that he’s agreed to purchase the Washington Post and related properties for $250 million, it’s fair game for media pundits to speculate. And have they! Like everyone else, not having the opportunity to pick Bezos’ brain directly about his plans,…

iPad as main computing device

(Probably) my last laptop

6 min read

I just bought another Macbook Pro, to replace the one that I have to give back to the University of Colorado Boulder in less than a week, since my gig working there is over. I wonder, will this be the last laptop computer I buy as my primary work machine? The answer is yes. I’m…


Instagram’s new 15-second videos are a BFD for eyewitness news

4 min read

Instagram’s new feature, 15-second videos that can be posted by 100-million-plus Instagram users, is a BIG DEAL FOR EYEWITNESS NEWS. We’ve seen many a technology advance that impacts journalism, but I think this addition by Instagram will have an almost-immediate, significant effect on news. Of course, the phone app Vine appeared not long ago, with…