ThingLinking Colorado’s many wildfires

(The scary photo above of the West Fork Complex fire closing in on the small town of South Fork is from Here in Colorado we’re having insane wildfire season #2, a repeat of last summer, one of the state’s worst. Much of this is the result of wildfires — an annual inevitability in Colorado…

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The problem with dead people on social media

Here’s something that social-media services will need to fix soon: There are too many dead people online whose social presences make them appear to be alive — and indeed, I often receive suggestions to “connect” to someone who’s passed away. When will this get fixed, LinkedIn? Here’s an interactive graphic showing some examples of the…

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In defense of fewer print editions

So much has been written about the New Orleans Times-Picayune cutting back to three days a week for print publication (and laying off a bunch of employees in the “digital-first” transition) that I hesitated adding to the word onslaught. But I haven’t seen many people defending the move, which results in the largest major U.S….

Don't block people with a "wall"; entice premium users in.

It’s not a ‘paywall’ when it’s ‘freemium’

The word “paywall” as applied to news websites sucks. It’s a negative word. If a consumer hears that a favorite news site is putting up a “paywall,” the response is highly likely to be: avoid! Some news-site user monetization systems truly are “paywalls.” I’m fine with saying that The Times‘ (the UK one) website has…

Dangerous idea: Embrace journalistic algorithms! #jcarn

My poor blog gets neglected, but fortunately there’s the monthly Carnival of Journalism thought-fest, which I try to participate in every month, if possible. At least the Carnival prevents me from completely ignoring my blog! This month’s Carnival prompt is a fascinating one. Put forth by University of Southern California professor Andrew Lih and his…

Carnival of Journalism deadline is Feb. 24!

The Digital News Test Kitchen at CU-Boulder and I are hosting this month’s Carnival of Journalism, a monthly blogfest in which anyone can participate by answering the Question of the Month. I’d been wanting to play host to a Carnival, and got my wish for February, thanks to Carnival overseer David Cohn. Here’s the question:…