It’s on: Kachingle vs. NY Times Co.

3 min read

As I noted yesterday, web donation network Kachingle has launched a good-natured guerrilla marketing campaign to allow Kachingle users to financially support any of’s 50-plus bloggers. The theme is “Stop the Paywall!” (as in,’s upcoming “metered paywall,” set to debut in early 2011) … “Keep the NYT Blogs you love in the open…

ThankThis: Donate $ without spending $

3 min read

I’ve been in touch with and its CEO, Kurt Huang, for some time while he and his team have been developing a new revenue widget for online publishers. You can see it on this post, next to the Tweetmeme (“Retweet”) button at right: ThankThis. Click on the button and you can financially support this…

My blog earned $65.08 via crowd-funding

5 min read

The amount isn’t enough to quit my day job, but this, my personal blog, actually brought in some money today. It’s always been a side activity for me, where I write about digital media and news innovation (mostly), and it complements other things I do that do bring in money. The $65.08 deposit into my… asks for donations (too subtly)

4 min read

I seem to be one of the few media writers who believes that there’s potential for newspapers to earn a decent revenue stream from donations by loyal website users (and even drive-by’s who want to reward journalistic excellence). It’s not that I think it’s going to save lots of newsroom jobs, but done right, asking…

Old media is for wimps, apparently

4 min read

Some of the most popular content of the New York Times is (shocker) opinionated and biased. Thomas Friedman, Maureen Dowd, David Brooks, Paul Krugman … As op-ed columnists they get to report AND express opinions that influence readers. The Times felt that their content was so important that a few years ago it put up…

Yet another donation option: Sprinklepenny

3 min read

Whether traditional news publishers believe that user/reader donations represent a viable revenue stream or not, entrepreneurs are hot on the idea, judging by the number of variations of solutions under development for getting people to voluntarily give money to support websites and blogs. I’ve begun using this, my personal blog, to try out the early…