Money wall

Paywalls in my back yard: A forecast for newspaper business models

7 min read

It’s now been many years that I’ve been writing and opining about “paywalls” for news websites. It’s not a subject that’s going away, although living in the Boulder-Denver, Colorado, media market, I haven’t had to deal with paywalls myself. Until now. Both the Daily Camera (my local newspaper/news website in Boulder) and the nearby and…

Follow the leader

10, 15 free web articles a month: Is this a mistake? (Yes!)

6 min read

I think it’s safe to say that what Walter Isaacson and Steven Brill started — a wave of newspaper websites putting up “metered paywalls” where there’s a subscription or membership fee required for site visitors who want to read more than X number of articles per month — has taken hold in a big way….

Don't block people with a "wall"; entice premium users in.

It’s not a ‘paywall’ when it’s ‘freemium’

6 min read

The word “paywall” as applied to news websites sucks. It’s a negative word. If a consumer hears that a favorite news site is putting up a “paywall,” the response is highly likely to be: avoid! Some news-site user monetization systems truly are “paywalls.” I’m fine with saying that The Times‘ (the UK one) website has…

A better model

2 min read

I’ve been getting some pushback on my previous blog item about Newsday’s decision to put up a subscription wall to its website content except for Newsday print subscribers and subscribers of Optimum Online cable/Internet service (same ownership). This actually is a good business model for Newsday because of its unique position, though it probably could…

The Times’ (UK one) smart membership experiment

3 min read

Frankly, I’m surprised that it’s The Times and the Sunday Times that have initiated the closest to what I’ve advocated in the past in terms of a smart, voluntary news premium membership model online. If you haven’t seen it, check out Times+. Why my surprise? Well, if you’ve followed recent coverage of Rupert Murdoch, whose…

O’Reilly may be an idiot, but his team gets membership concept

4 min read

Disclaimer: I think Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly is a big-mouth wingnut who spouts dangerous ideas. (Yes, Glenn Beck is worse.) I never thought I’d compliment O’Reilly, but I’ve been pondering voluntary membership models for news websites lately, and I like what O’Reilly and his team have created with the Premium Membership. Overlook the…

Chatting about new news business models: Here’s the transcript

1 min read

Here’s the CoverItLive archived version of today’s ASNE online chat about new news business models. The event was hosted by Steve Buttry, with panelists Mark Briggs, Charlotte Anne Lucas, Dan Conover, and me. Did we solve the news industry’s problems? (Umm, I doubt it. But some good ideas were tossed around.) Other Business Models (I’m…