Print is dying

What if? … The NY Times ended its daily print edition

8 min read

Stop the presses! (For 6 days a week!) … Yes, I’m being serious. The recent New York Times “Innovation” report, a meant-to-be-internal strategy document proposing a (long-overdue) digital-first future for what is arguably the best newspaper and digital news operation on the planet, painted a depressing picture. Despite beefing up its digital business and creating…

NYT Innovation report

NY Times: Another myopic dinosaur that needs to go digital first?

3 min read

You’ve likely seen the “leaked” New York Times innovation-strategy report produced by an 8-member team of NYT employees, presumably for management and internal consumption. (The unabridged version appeared on the web, initially via Buzzfeed, just as executive editor Jill Abramson was getting fired last week — perhaps not coincidentally. The report is dated March 24,…

Tomorrow’s the day: NYT ill-advised paywall debuts in U.S.

7 min read

Monday marks the rollout of’s “metered paywall,” which I wrote about (and criticized) here last week (before going on vacation for a week). Here are a few quick developments and additional thoughts about what is an important milestone in the digital-news space: What do you think of the NYT paywall? Tell Columbia researchers! Columbia…

NYT membership ideas: I hope there’s more than this

3 min read

If you follow the news industry like a good media geek, you’ll already know that the New York Times is pondering its future online business model. Reportedly, the main choices under consideration are 1) a “metered” pay wall (i.e., a site visitor can view “X” number of stories before a request to sign up for…